The Man Who Cannot Sleep

Rebecca Rutter

Rebecca Rutter has worked as Fizzy Fingers since 2008. Fizzy Fingers creates textile art, theatrical happenings and designs magical festival spaces and venues.

Rebecca has taken Fizzy Fingers across the globe designing costumes for Adelaide International Festivals BARRIO in Australia, venue design and build for Fusion Festivals CABARET HANGER in Germany and designing set and costume for CRASHLAND for Car Crash in various festivals across the U.K such as Secret Garden Party, Boomtown fair and Glastonbury. Her work has been seen at Burning Man (USA), Shambala (Canada),Carnival (Brazil), Bestival (U.K), Dia Del La Muertos (Mexico), Boom (Portugal), Coachella (USA) and Carnyville with The Invisible Circus (UK). She has also run costume and puppet making workshops with Snuff Puppets and directed parades and processions in Taiwan, India and England. Most recently Fizzy Fingers has appeared in Noel Fielding’s second season of LUXURY COMEDY and Kimbra’s film clip 90’s music! Her designs have been seen on Paloma Faith at Glastonbury Festival which then appeared in numerous publications including WHO Weekly in Australia and she has recently returned from a trip to Berlin where she dressed Peaches for Yo Sissy Festival. Fizzy Fingers has been working on a solo project titled Fizzy Fantoms for the past 3 years creating in situ monster costumes all over the world dreamt up from local materials and found objects. She has created performances, dances and rituals with her surreal style of textile art and craft creatures.

Fizzy Fingers has also been seen at the strangest parties, the most opulent revolutions and the most beautiful corners.

You can follow her work at:

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