The Man Who Cannot Sleep

Lee Ramseyer Bache

Lee sincerely believes in the power of storytelling to foster solidarity amongst human kind. He is a film producer, scriptwriter, projection artist, creative business owner, production manager, A/V technician, and scaffolder, amongst many other roles. Lee is Co-founder of Little Projector Company (Projector Bike) Australia’s pre-eminent mobile projection specialists. This work involves large format projection, mobile projection technology, and immersive narratives. He has presented work at Vivid Sydney, The Substation, and Gertrude Street Projection Festival, amongst many others. Lee is also an experienced film Producer & Scriptwriter both in Australia and in the UK. His proudest credit; Producer of the critically acclaimed feature doco WE ARE POETS (Sheffield Doc Fest Youth Award 2013). In 2015 Lee Co-founded Light Works Studios, an independent production company specialising in realising stories about the arts and social justice. In this work Lee is responsible for creative and strategic development, production management, and various production roles.

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