The Man Who Cannot Sleep

Julian Chapple

Julian Chapple creates artistic projects which incorporate installations, theatre, storytelling, puppetry and interactivity for festivals and schools. He is committed to connecting with people of all abilities and age groups, producing live experiences that entertain, inspire, challenge and amaze.

Born and raised in the inglorious outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Julian creates works across various disciplines to distil life’s bounty into intimate, sensorial and surreal art experiences.

When he first left home, he was determined to study science, completing a Bachelor of Science in 1990, majoring in Zoology and Geography. A few years later he realised the potential to harness his creative energy by returning to University and excelling at animation and interactive multimedia. Upon completion of his studies he went on to design for the National Science Museum of Malaysia, Lonely Planet and Birdlife Australia.


Performance Artist

Since studying clown and theatre improvisation with various masters, Julian has performed extensively with; GHERKIN GAMES The Village Festival (2010-17), OTTO LEARNS TO FLY (2016-17), LOLA THE DANCING BEAR (2016-17), THE NUTBAR at numerous festivals and events (2015-17), THE TOWN POSTIES The Town Festival (2015-17), TINK TANK Adelaide Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bunk Puppets (2016-17), LE TROLL VAINCU (2014-15), SONGS OF THE SOUTH SEAS Darebin Music Feast (2011-13), THE ARTIST, MADAME AND MADELEINE Art After Dark, NGV (2010), IN THE FIELD Sense of Place Productions (2008), CLENCH OBJECT THEATRE (2002-06), THE LAUGHTER PROJECT (2006), 5 ANGRY MEN (2004-05), WILD MOVES (2005), SWIVEL DRIVEL BAND (2000-03), SNUFF PUPPETS (2001-02), CAMEL MAGIC PERFORMANCE TROUPE (1998-2000).



Julian Chapple has designed puppets, instruments, props and murals for various theatre productions, festivals and schools, including: The Village Festival (2008-17), Compagnie Articulate (2013), Kid’s Arty Farty Festival (2013), ONCE THERE WERE 3 GIANTS – Ringwood Heights Primary A.I.R (2011), THE TREE OF LIFE – St.Pius Primary A.I.R (2010), DREAMTIME AT THE G (2010), CERES Harvest Festival (2009), FINUCANE & SMITH’S CARNIVAL OF MYSTERIES (2008) Dancing Dragon Puppet Theatre (2008), SONGS FOR OURSELVES – MEDITATION ON RECONCILIATION (2007).

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