The Man Who Cannot Sleep

Gonzalo Varela

writer, puppeteer, puppet builder

Gonzalo Varela is an artist and performer. He was born in La Plata Argentina in 1970, studied and later taught at the Universidad de Bellas Artes. From 2001 to 2009 he lived in Barcelona where he founded the artist run space, VESARTESIEMPRE. This space served not only as a studio, but provided a public platform from which to run weekly community art events, exhibitions and digital drawings jams. It became a hub for a number of arts collectives including POLYVINYLCLUB, FOLCORE and DIAPOSSISSIONISTAS. Later, together with a group of artists who met through VESARTESIEMPRE, he became a co-founder of NAU IOIN, a community artspace which continues to thrive under the supervision of the Council of Barcelona, (now called NAI IVANOW).

Gonzalo has had solo exhibitions in Argentina and Spain and his work can be found in private collections in Argentina, Spain, Germany and United States.

Upon arriving in Australia in 2009, Gonzalo started up a small arts company, MAGIC LANTERN STUDIO, with his partner Lucy where together they explore pre-cinema animation, theatre and puppetry as well as continuing their arts practice. MAGIC LANTERN produces Public murals and counts among its clients Luna Park, the Werribee Zoo, University of Melbourne, Arena Theatre, Cirque Idyllic and Melbourne Museum.

Gonzalo’s private painting practice is inspired by an uncertain future and explores the potential roads humanity could take. The simple everyday acts of our existence imbue his painting with vulnerability and reveal an artist sensitive to the spiritual and affective yearnings of people in a twittering world.

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