The Man Who Cannot Sleep

Ana & Sergio

Ana Lorite and Sergio Aguilar are the founding members of Naranjarte, a company that mixes the arts of puppetry and classical circus, offering a new theatre format. Born in 2011 from the merger of two artists with experience in theatre  and circus, Naranjarte uses puppets and marionettes that the artists themselves have designed and built.
Naranjarte has participated in several festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Scotland, 2011), the Skipton Puppet Festival (England 2013 / 2015), the Titirimundi International Festival of Puppets (Segovia-2011/2012/2014/2016), the Redondela International Puppet Festival (Galicia-2012/2013/2016) , Estampes Festival des Marionnettes (France – 2016 / 2017), as well as in theatre halls and cultural centers. Naranjarte has worked as well in teacher training programs (FUHEM Montserrat School 2015, UNIMA Summer School 2016, and Ciudad Real “Jornadas Pedagógicas” 2016) and conferences (Segovia UVA 2016, and Madrid Congress “Aprendemos jugando” 2016).  Naranjarte has collaborated with various musical groups in Sala Clamores, Sala Caracol, Cafe Berlin, Sala Sirocco, Sala Galileo, Reggaboa and Rototom Sunsplash.

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