The Man Who Cannot Sleep

Gonzalo Varela

writer, puppeteer, puppet builder

Gonzalo Varela is an artist and performer. He was born in La Plata Argentina in 1970, studied and later taught at the Universidad de Bellas Artes. From 2001 to 2009 he lived in Barcelona where he founded the artist run space, VESARTESIEMPRE. This space served not only as a studio, but provided a public platform from which to run weekly community art events, exhibitions and digital drawings jams. It became a hub for a number of arts collectives including POLYVINYLCLUB, FOLCORE and DIAPOSSISSIONISTAS. Later, together with a group of artists who met through VESARTESIEMPRE, he became a co-founder of NAU IOIN, a community artspace which continues to thrive under the supervision of the Council of Barcelona, (now called NAI IVANOW).

Gonzalo has had solo exhibitions in Argentina and Spain and his work can be found in private collections in Argentina, Spain, Germany and United States.

Upon arriving in Australia in 2009, Gonzalo started up a small arts company, MAGIC LANTERN STUDIO, with his partner Lucy where together they explore pre-cinema animation, theatre and puppetry as well as continuing their arts practice. MAGIC LANTERN produces Public murals and counts among its clients Luna Park, the Werribee Zoo, University of Melbourne, Arena Theatre, Cirque Idyllic and Melbourne Museum.

Gonzalo’s private painting practice is inspired by an uncertain future and explores the potential roads humanity could take. The simple everyday acts of our existence imbue his painting with vulnerability and reveal an artist sensitive to the spiritual and affective yearnings of people in a twittering world.

The Man Who Cannot Sleep

Lachlan Plain

production manager, puppet builder and performer

Since childhood Lachlan has lived in other worlds, on different plains, navigating them via several mediums – performance, painting and the written word.

He is artistic director of Sanctum Theatre, a visual performance company presenting folk theatre in everyday spaces. Sanctum Theatre’s inaugral show, LAMENT: CANDLES & COMPOST at the Abbotsford Convent (2006),was described by The Age as ‘full of striking images… shadowplay and puppetry were absorbingly innovative’ and Inpress as a ‘startling work that is at once confronting and yet comforting’, ().

He has also worked for the Snuff Puppets for the past few years, an irreverent and scatological giant puppet company, performing in their shows and directing their People Puppet Projects in Australia, Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, Thailand, Brazil and Chile.

He won the 2012 Impress Prize for THE LOST JOURNALS OF PEDRO PISCATOR AND OTHER TALES, an eclectic illustrated collection of tall tales, and is a founding member of Subterranean Ink writers collective.

He has taken part in several solo and group exhibitions, as well as creating street art, public art and community art for business, government and community-based clients. The most notable of these being LIFE ON PLANET DAISYWORLD (2015), a 30 x 10m street art mural in Fitzroy and THE FINAL VOYAGE OF PEDRO PISCATOR, a 5 x 11m mural at Bulleen Art & Garden.

He studied puppetry and theatre making at the Victorian College of the Arts.

The Man Who Cannot Sleep

Julian Chapple

Julian Chapple creates artistic projects which incorporate installations, theatre, storytelling, puppetry and interactivity for festivals and schools. He is committed to connecting with people of all abilities and age groups, producing live experiences that entertain, inspire, challenge and amaze.

Born and raised in the inglorious outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Julian creates works across various disciplines to distil life’s bounty into intimate, sensorial and surreal art experiences.

When he first left home, he was determined to study science, completing a Bachelor of Science in 1990, majoring in Zoology and Geography. A few years later he realised the potential to harness his creative energy by returning to University and excelling at animation and interactive multimedia. Upon completion of his studies he went on to design for the National Science Museum of Malaysia, Lonely Planet and Birdlife Australia.


Performance Artist

Since studying clown and theatre improvisation with various masters, Julian has performed extensively with; GHERKIN GAMES The Village Festival (2010-17), OTTO LEARNS TO FLY (2016-17), LOLA THE DANCING BEAR (2016-17), THE NUTBAR at numerous festivals and events (2015-17), THE TOWN POSTIES The Town Festival (2015-17), TINK TANK Adelaide Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bunk Puppets (2016-17), LE TROLL VAINCU (2014-15), SONGS OF THE SOUTH SEAS Darebin Music Feast (2011-13), THE ARTIST, MADAME AND MADELEINE Art After Dark, NGV (2010), IN THE FIELD Sense of Place Productions (2008), CLENCH OBJECT THEATRE (2002-06), THE LAUGHTER PROJECT (2006), 5 ANGRY MEN (2004-05), WILD MOVES (2005), SWIVEL DRIVEL BAND (2000-03), SNUFF PUPPETS (2001-02), CAMEL MAGIC PERFORMANCE TROUPE (1998-2000).



Julian Chapple has designed puppets, instruments, props and murals for various theatre productions, festivals and schools, including: The Village Festival (2008-17), Compagnie Articulate (2013), Kid’s Arty Farty Festival (2013), ONCE THERE WERE 3 GIANTS – Ringwood Heights Primary A.I.R (2011), THE TREE OF LIFE – St.Pius Primary A.I.R (2010), DREAMTIME AT THE G (2010), CERES Harvest Festival (2009), FINUCANE & SMITH’S CARNIVAL OF MYSTERIES (2008) Dancing Dragon Puppet Theatre (2008), SONGS FOR OURSELVES – MEDITATION ON RECONCILIATION (2007).

The Man Who Cannot Sleep

Rebecca Rutter

Rebecca Rutter has worked as Fizzy Fingers since 2008. Fizzy Fingers creates textile art, theatrical happenings and designs magical festival spaces and venues.

Rebecca has taken Fizzy Fingers across the globe designing costumes for Adelaide International Festivals BARRIO in Australia, venue design and build for Fusion Festivals CABARET HANGER in Germany and designing set and costume for CRASHLAND for Car Crash in various festivals across the U.K such as Secret Garden Party, Boomtown fair and Glastonbury. Her work has been seen at Burning Man (USA), Shambala (Canada),Carnival (Brazil), Bestival (U.K), Dia Del La Muertos (Mexico), Boom (Portugal), Coachella (USA) and Carnyville with The Invisible Circus (UK). She has also run costume and puppet making workshops with Snuff Puppets and directed parades and processions in Taiwan, India and England. Most recently Fizzy Fingers has appeared in Noel Fielding’s second season of LUXURY COMEDY and Kimbra’s film clip 90’s music! Her designs have been seen on Paloma Faith at Glastonbury Festival which then appeared in numerous publications including WHO Weekly in Australia and she has recently returned from a trip to Berlin where she dressed Peaches for Yo Sissy Festival. Fizzy Fingers has been working on a solo project titled Fizzy Fantoms for the past 3 years creating in situ monster costumes all over the world dreamt up from local materials and found objects. She has created performances, dances and rituals with her surreal style of textile art and craft creatures.

Fizzy Fingers has also been seen at the strangest parties, the most opulent revolutions and the most beautiful corners.

You can follow her work at:

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